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911 Park Avenue

P.O. Box 3157

Corpus Christi, Texas 78404


Office #361-882-0911

Fax #361-882-0912


Comments from past residents on how Mission 911 helped them:


"By being able to come to Mission 911 from Charlie's, I was able to maintain my sobriety and to remain accountable.  There are many good and caring people associated with the mission here, and it was a privilege to be a part of it."


"Made me look at issues I haven't had to look at in many years.  This is very important."


"The meetings and the spirit of recovery."


"Structure, great staff.  Showed me how to open up a little, need to do more."


"Helped me build my self-esteem and started me in the right direction.  I have grown closer to God and helped to get honest with myself."


"Helped me with clarity and what I should do with my life."


"Brought us in and started to work with our situation immediately.  The program is geared toward helping us become self-sustaining much quicker."


"Gave me hope and love.  And to look up and out."


"They blessed me with their family oriented establishment.  Took me in when I didn't even have a dime to my name."


"Helped me with my spiritual growth."


Dear Friends,

There are so many great things about living here in Corpus Christi.  Most of us have happy marriages, wonderful families, beautiful homes, and so many different opportunities for entertaining and activities.  Yet, about 40% of our 281,000 or so population consists of the working poor and it is estimated that 3,500 individuals and families are "homeless".

No one has a uninterrupted flow of joy, peace and happiness in their life.  We all have our peaks and valleys, our ups and downs.  As one Texas Cowboy poet put it, "I'm a roller coaster engineer, my life's been quite a ride, slow ups an' screamin' downs, not all by my design..."  It is true the measure of a person is how he or she handles being in those valleys or handling a crisis in one's life.  The Greek word "crisis" means a turning point for good or bad (evil) and a time for making decisions or judgments; an opportunity for positive change.

How do individuals and families become "homeless"?  For many it's a choice.  For others it's "unintended circumstances" such as alcohol and/or drug addictions, bad "luck" and/or bad choices.  Sometimes it's losing a job or a mental illness.  It's sad, often pathetic to witness.

Mission 911 does not believe in handouts, but in offering a helping hand to those in a crisis and sincerely want a positive change.  Last year we screened applications, conducted personal interviews and background checks, and used various other criteria to accepted 530 individuals and families for our "Positive Change Programs."

Once accepted, they are technically no longer homeless.  They have "a home" where we provide a clean and secure place to sleep, food, clothing, new job opportunities, transportation, along with other special need requests, spiritual guidance and activities.  We have strict, but fair, rules for staying here as well as expectations for personal cleanliness, orderly housekeeping with weekly assignments, paying a monthly nominal rent, a curfew and a no-tolerance rule for any use of alcohol, drugs, profanity, aggressive behavior, etc.

Last year, we had a 22.6% success rate in helping 120 individuals and families make the positive changes necessary to become productive citizens of our community, and in most cases returning to their families.  By many yardsticks, that is impressive, yet we are disappointed in the remaining 77.4% who could not overcome their struggles.

This is where we need your help.  Please help us to strengthen our programs and efforts here in Corpus Christi and make a difference in this community.


God bless,

Tony Reyes

Executive Director

"For we are God's masterpiece.  He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good things he planned for us long ago." Ephesians 2:10



Mission 911, 2009